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Project: All Prague
Creation of the application "All Prague"
A mobile application “All Prague” is designed in order to help all fans of travelling to make their stay in the wonderful European capital unforgettable. The application is made in Russian and available for smartphones and tablets running on the iOS and Android platforms. “All Prague” is not a simple guide with the known facts, it is a virtual scheduler, in which can the most interesting information can be found.
The app is divided into sections, which include: the most entertaining places to visit, facts about Prague and the Czech Republic national heroes, top restaurants, cafes and pubs, walking routes, unusual tours and much more. All illustrations created by our professional illustrator, reflect the friendly atmosphere of Prague, with its peace-loving people, cozy beer gardens, and amazing sights, reproducing the history of the city.
Beside the option of walking routes we have also included one of the most convenient features – offline map; many travelers face with the problem of expensive roaming and we decided to help them with that issue.

We created a promo page for the application “All Prague”. Nowadays a promo page is one of the most powerful tools in promotion. All the information about the product or service can be found on this website. The brighter and more colorful your promo page is, the faster you can get expected results, and in our case it’s downloading the application.
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