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Project: 1 Slovanské gymnázium
Online diary for the 1 Slovanské gymnázium
We created an electronic diary for pupils of the Gymnasium. This system, allows a teacher to assess and give assignments online, and pupils and their parents now can check the schedule of classes, monitor academic progress and have constant access to the rest of the documents connected with school.

The basis of the website visual shell was formed on a rigor and restraint of lines and shapes and on simplicity and brevity of colors. That represents the identity of the 1 Slovanské gymnasium. In the design of its interface, as in the brand image, we pointed out the concept of the dialogue and openness, which actually plays an important role in the perception of the institution image. The website has a user-friendly option of giving a feedback and an opportunity of a quick application submission.
логотип +
Education is the field where dialog is essential at any level. We reflected this point in the “dialogue cloud” attached to the logo.
“Dialogue cloud” idea became a part of a game which we realized in the variety of cut logo variants together with “clouds” of different shapes, colors and contents depending on their usage objectives.
This game conception of the logo enriched the corporate identity, made the brand’s image more open complying with the entire strict and restrained idea of the education institution.
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